Guthrie Halloween Costumes 2013

October 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

My sons were inspired by the 1970s with their Halloween costumes this year.

Will, my oldest, dreamed up a Disco Ninja... a ninja costume enhanced with a colorful afro, some glitter glue and stylish throwback sunglasses. I think if he could have found a way to incorporate a disco ball in to his outfit, he would have! 

Xan, on the other hand, had a hand-me-down costume of Will's from four yeas ago. Then, Will was really in to Elvis Presley and we had just visited Graceland. He fell in love with the patriotic eagle jumpsuit and had to have a replica made. Of course, his Grandma, my mom, is a talented seamstress, and was able to make a mini jumpsuit. My sister-in-law is an artist, and sketched the eagles on the suit, cape and pants, and then my mom stitched along the lines she drew in coordinating thread colors. I then spent three or four evenings gluing every sequin and jewel on to the costume. It was definitely a labor of love and Xan was very excited that he finally fit in to it. He was even willing to dye his hair when the black Elvis wig was too itchy. My husband added frosting on the cake when he found bright blue sneakers ... for blue suede shoes.



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