The Chamberlains' 2015 MCAS Iwakuni Marine Corps Ball Session

December 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

Such a fun couple! I had a great time photographing the Chamberlains before they headed off to the 240th U.S. Marine Corps Ball Nov. 19th. And her red dress complimented his uniform so well... Take a look...


Julian Gilberto Ayala(non-registered)
Being born on MCAS Iwakuni , Japan, I found the
Spirited photo of you both, when searching for a way to obtain a t-shirt from your location. A comment of how well you showed the fun there going to the MARINE CORPS BALL, this M.B. has to say,You look marvelous together! Glad to see Y'all have time to celebrate! Thank you for sharing and the great service to the USA:)
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