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Just Gorgeous: Inked... Jennifer

April 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I recently got a new tattoo... something that means something to me, is about the size of a playing card, and placed in a fairly conspicuous place: my ankle. Of course, everyone had an opinion... good, bad, skeptical, sarcastic... unsaid. Then I heard someone say that a woman I knew had too many tattoos for someone "so sweet." Oh? And what amount of "sweetness" is no longer OK for sporting tattoos? Is there a chart that shows the amount of sweetness compared with the number of tattoos? Does size matter? (Ha... of course it does!) I'm pretty sure I'm well beyond the level of bitterness that discredits two tattoos, but I'd like to make a mental note so that I can check my future daughters-in-law...

The more I mulled over the comments I heard and read, the more I wanted to put a spotlight on the women who have tattoos and are proud to show them off. Sweetness optional, although welcomed. These are career women, wives, mothers, artists, teachers, students... and most of these women have earned three or more of these titles. Maybe it's time that we take a look at the stereotypes we have associated with inked women. Maybe we should just take a moment to enjoy the beauty of these women... sans judgement, sans assumptions.

So I will be posting a few photos of these gorgeous inked ladies each Tuesday... unofficially calling the series of images "Tattoo Tuesdays." It's officially called "Just Gorgeous: Inked," and I'd love for you to share it with others who will appreciate the images... and maybe even with a few who might not. After all, how will stereotypes change unless we poke at some comfort zones?

Jennifer is the first of the inked ladies... be sure to come back next Tuesday for more Just Gorgeous Inked ladies...

Update - The next set of images in this series can be found here:


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