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Just Gorgeous Inked: Lindsey and Nicole

April 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


This image series was something that came to me recently when got a new tattoo - and a lot of unsolicited opinions. And from talking with some of the other inked ladies, they get them, too. Apparently there are still a number of "rules" attached to sporting ink.... like that arm tattoos are just for guys. Um, what?! Women have arms... why not decorate them if you want to? And Lindsey, with her geisha design, and Nicole, with her dragon, did just that...









You can read more about the inspiration for this series of images in the first Just Gorgeous: Inked post found hereThe more I mulled over the comments I heard and read, the more I wanted to put a spotlight on the women who have tattoos and are proud to show them off. So I will be posting a few photos of these gorgeous inked ladies each Tuesday... unofficially calling the series of images "Tattoo Tuesdays." It's officially called "Just Gorgeous: Inked," and I'd love for you to share it with others who will appreciate the images... and maybe even with a few who might not. After all, how will stereotypes change unless we poke at some comfort zones?

Be sure to come back next Tuesday for more Just Gorgeous Inked ladies...


Update - the next images in this series can be found here: http://jessicaguthriephotography.





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