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Jessica Guthrie Photography is moving...

August 01, 2017  •  2 Comments


I realize that some people like short stories… and others like stories that are more detailed. So, here’s the short story for those of you who prefer brevity:

After much consideration, I am closing the studio at 101 S. Madison in Pittsfield, this month, and will start working from my home office, which is also in Pittsfield. There are several reasons, mostly personal, and a piece of my heart is breaking, but I do plan to continue to do the kind of photography I enjoy doing. This move will allow me to be more efficient with my time and resources and, in turn, better serve my fabulous clients.

And for those of you who like details:

I am finally admitting that I can’t do everything I want to do, all at once. It only took 40 years, but I guess I’m now finally mature enough to admit it. And now that I am (reluctantly) admitting that I am not Superwoman, I need to make some changes for my happiness and sanity, as well as that of my family.

Most people would assume the business isn’t doing well and that I have given up. I wish it were that simple. The business is doing surprisingly well for the amount of time I have been able to devote to it. And that last part is the important part: The amount of time I have been able to devote to it. With my husband working overseas, my kids deeply involved in sports, purchasing and renovating a home (which already has built-in office space), and having a large family locally, I often find that my time is not my own.

Any entrepreneur or small business owner will tell you that starting a business is very much like having a new baby. There is a lot of time, nurturing and resources that go into it. It becomes a sort of obsession. You eat, sleep and breathe your business, which I was fully prepared to do. Last fall I did not realize how much time I wouldn’t have to focus on building a business. On several occasions, I had to close the studio early, or for the day, based on my kids’ sports schedules and activities, or when my husband was coming home for a few weeks. That doesn’t serve my clients well, and I felt guilty for not providing the level of customer service my clients deserve by having regular studio hours. So, for the amount of time I was able to focus on the studio and my clients, the business has done very well.

I know some of you may have questions. I’ll do my best to answer them here. Yes, I will continue to be a professional portrait photographer for those who would like to use my services. I have worked out of my home office for a couple of weeks now and it has worked out very well. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my clients these past several months and plan to do so even more in the future. I will do special projects, like the Tween Who I Am project, farm legacy projects and Just Gorgeous sessions. I will do full portrait sessions for families, seniors and kids. I will photograph special occasions, such as weddings and family reunions. I will have special events for the community, like Pet Photos with Santa. As for passport photos, I plan to do “Passport-palooza” events every so often so that anyone planning to get or renew their passports can come in and get them done. I won’t be doing passport photos by appointment any longer.

I will also no longer be doing mini sessions. There are plenty of photographers around the area who can take a few good pictures of your kids and family and burn them to a disc for you to use as you see fit. I don’t feel my best best work is represented by these quick sessions and I want to provide my clients with the best images I can create and the best service I can provide. I enjoy meeting with my clients before and after their sessions, getting to know them so I can create images they are proud to show off online, in albums and on their walls.

I will honor all gift certificates and gifted sessions as outlined on the gift certificate or awarding email. Simply contact me at or on Facebook messenger and we can set a time and talk about the kind of session you’d like to have. If you have a certificate for a studio session, that will not be a problem. I am bringing some of the studio equipment to my home and will have the ability to set up for a session. I’ll even have access to a brick wall. Or, we can plan for something on location, if you prefer.

I want to thank the community for taking a chance on me and allowing all of the opportunities it has afforded to me. I look forward to capturing even more of your favorite moments in the months and years to come.


(Former Superwoman wannabe)


Jessica Guthrie Photography
Thank you, Gwen! I so appreciate those compliments! Miss you, girl!
Gwen Peterson(non-registered)
As a former client of yours, I have to say that you short change yourself. You truly are a superwoman. You are amazing and talented and I absolutely love all the work you have done. Your community is very fortunate to have someone of your skill and creativity. I can project that you will only continue to grow and blossom in your business, community and home. Best wishes in all your endeavors.
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